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Pharmacology, Therapeutics, Nursing on Diseases

Atherosclerotic Plaque Formation When an accumulation of fat, such as cholesterol (LDL), builds up inside the arterial wall, it is known as atherosclerotic plaque. Atherosclerosis can be exacerbated by factors such as smoking and high blood pressure. The endothelium layer is damaged when plaque builds up in the lining of...

Evaluation of a Hand-Washing Technique

Surrounding viruses and bacteria cause a bigger percentage of Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Hand-washing hygiene is, therefore, a vital aspect in any hospital. Health care workers handle diverse clients with various contagious issues (Jeswani & Vaya, 2018). Hand hygiene is one of the approaches that medics and patients can use to...

Researching of Maternity Care in Haiti

Introduction Today Haiti is Pan American and one of the world leaders in maternal mortality rates. The causes of this phenomenon are complex and include poverty, poor infrastructure, and the prevalence of HDP diseases. The high mortality rate is due to the high percentage of births and abortions outside medical...

Toyota Motor Corporation’s Sustainability Agenda

Introduction Toyota Motor Corporation released the most recent environmental report in October 2020. A significant part of it consisted of Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 progress review. Toyota announced this challenge in 2015 in order to establish itself as a green brand. According to it, Simão and Lisboa (2017) highlighted six...

Accor Hotels: Digital Marketing Strategy

Accor operates in all tourism and hospitality segments through its many owned brands and franchises. It is a strong player in augmented hospitality with a presence in 100 countries, with its European operations accounting for 47% of the global room supply (Damnjanović, Lončarić, & Dlačić, 2020). Accor’s highly diversified portfolio...

Adjust Mindset. Health Challenges and Rear Animals

The article “Adjust Mindset” by Fred Colcer talks about how human beings feel obliged to rear animals despite the health challenges linked to creatures. For some, keeping animals is comparable to having air and water (Colcer, 2016). The writer notes that flu and mad cow diseases are both the results...

Units Systems in Nursing

Prescribing drugs requires specifying the required dose for each patient. Their volume is usually small and can be measured in grams, milligrams, micrograms, and even nanograms (“Metric (SI) Units” 1). An additional factor for confusion is that some patients and personnel representatives prefer to use not a metric measurement system...

The Issue of Falls in an Inpatient Setting

In the post, the author effectively discusses addressing the issue of falls in an inpatient setting. This challenge is critical to solve because falls can lead to additional morbidity and health complications in the population (James et al., 2020). The introduction of the “Call, Don’t Fall” initiative entails disseminating visual...

Accounting – International Harmonisation

Introduction In the current era of globalization, a significant number of international corporations continue to establish investments in emerging economies. As a result, the global market is increasingly being accessed to meet the capital needs of multi-national companies. Such approaches taken by these multinational corporations have included listing their securities...

Amazon Company’s Marketing Function Audit

Introduction The Amazon Company operates in the online shopping industry and has been in existence for more than ten years. Through interviews with Jonathan White and Jeremy Kim, who are technical managers at the company, this reflective paper presents results of Amazon Company’s market function audit. Products From its inception,...

Social Responsibility of the Verizon Company

Verizon, a leading global company that deals in telecommunication services have taken it upon itself to engage in social responsibility. The move to support education and safety in the community that the company operates its business is a form of management concept that has been adopted by most modern companies....

Product Positioning and Repositioning

Product positioning is an essential concept in marketing in which the seller focuses on winning the interests of different consumers. It helps marketers to determine the best way of communicating the benefits and relevance of their products to customers based on their needs, competition, and existing advertising channels (Koch &...