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Leadership at St. John the Compassionate Mission

It is necessary to analyze the leadership characteristics actively used at St. John the Compassionate Mission. Listening. Father Roberto Ubertino listened to his followers and helped them grow through his work in the community, volunteering, and helping others. In other words, his superiors always listened to his subjects and tried...

Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Tourism Industry

Introduction The travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries that is becoming increasingly attractive to emerging entrepreneurs. The industry has a wide range of opportunities for dedicated and passionate persons (Vasudevan, 2017). Among the subsectors in the industry include accommodation, transportation, restaurant, and entertainment; an entrepreneur can...

How to Create an Effective Personal Branding

Personal branding can become an effective tool for your own promotion. It consists in drawing up a plan to turn reputation and career into a high level of fame. The main point of the developed strategy is a description of the current state of the personality level and what level...

Brand Repositioning: Process, Causes, and Example

Brand repositioning is the process of redesigning the activities of a brand in a way that is more relevant to the proposed needs of the customer base. The update concerns various aspects of the company’s activities – first of all, it is the update of the brand’s message and value...

Rights of Man and Political Justice with Contemporary Issues: Comparison

People are born innocent and should always be granted equal rights. Based on Hart et al. the primary goal of any political associations is to preserve the natural rights of man. However, contemporary world may deny people multiple rights, ranging from freedom of expression, worship, association, speech and rights to...

Poverty and Financial Problems

Jo Goodwin Parker, in the essay “What Is Poverty?” discusses the various factors which accompany the life of a poor person. The author argues that there are situations when people cannot control the conditions in which they find themselves and pays special attention to various services and essential goods for...

Raymond Carver’s “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love”

“What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” is a short story written by Raymond Carver and published in 1981’s collection under the same title. The tale shows four people, Mel, Teresa, Laura, and Nick, sitting at the kitchen table and talking about love. The main topic the four...

The Book Onga Bonga by Frieda Wishinsky

Shellie Watkins (2017), in the video 2.2 Onga Bonga book read aloud, reads aloud the book by Frieda Wishinsky. The story tells about the efforts of all the family members to make small baby Louise stop crying. After the numerous failed attempts to calm the child by parents and grandparents,...

Writer Susan Glaspell’s Biography and Midwestern Influence

Introduction Susan Glaspell was an American playwright and novelist, best known for Trifles, a one-act play loosely based on John Hossack’s murder case. The Pulitzer-winning dramatist is famous for her contributions to the feminist movement in the early 20th century and the establishment of the Provincetown Players, a non-commercial theatre...

Colonial Impact on African Societies

The colonization of Africa, which lasted four centuries and included the abduction of 10 million Africans sent to America, can be perceived as a full-scale annexation of territories, never truly recognized by all participants in colonization. Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany, Great Britain divided the great continent into regions that were...

Comparison and Contrast of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacob

Many Black Americans were influenced by forced labor in the United States. Some slaves were able to escape, allowing them to write narratives, which varied greatly depending on who was writing them. Since men and women were handled differently during slavery, their recollections of such events differed. Thus, the following...

“The Red Wheelbarrow”, “Begotten”: Poem Analysis

I chose the poem The Red Wheelbarrow for the analysis because using a few words, the author manages to emphasize the importance of farmers, labor, and agriculture. That is why all phrases and words are meaningful and have a specific connotation. For the discussion, I selected the word “red” and...