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Personal Privacy, Vaccination, and Biofabrication

The first implications of infringement of people’s rights when it came to their data privacy began as early as the 1960s (Neuroth, 2017). With the early digitalization of federal information, many guidelines were discussed and implemented, with Congress even passing data privacy legislation. However, the weighing of the advantages and...

History of the Public Health Service

Public health is one of the core foundations of modern civilization. The United States was not the first country to introduce the concept of public health and identify issues that medicine can help resolve on a global scale. However, in the past two hundred years, it received massive attention from...

Risk Management Plan in Healthcare

Background The hospitalized patients and the healthcare personnel face several risks in their day-to-day activities. Therefore, risk management in healthcare is a complex issue that requires the various players, including administrators, nurses, physicians, and clients, to assess, detect, and prevent risks in patients. This issue involves a series of steps...

Healthcare Workers’ Compliance to Hand Hygiene

Introduction The following paper critiques the credibility of qualitative research findings regarding healthcare workers’ compliance to hand hygiene, based on an article written by Salmon and McLaws (2015). The aspects considered include the methodology applied and the level of evidence inferred. Moreover, the assessment incorporates analysis of the settings, the...

Bioethics Decision-Making Model and Nursing Advocacy

Ethics means the principles that guide what a professional such as a registered nurse is expected to do in delivering services to patients in healthcare institutions. It describes what is correct or wrong regarding decisions that influence nursing behavior, subsequently affecting patients’ treatment outcomes (Pozgar, 2014). Bioethical decision-making involves addressing...

Trouble Sleeping and Depression Among US Women

Examination of various disorders, which have an impact on the quality of life, is one of the main topics of interest for researchers. In the study published by Barsha and Hossain (2020), the combination of two different conditions, trouble sleeping, and depression, is explored. The extended scope of the research...

Person-Centered Care of Diabetes Mellitus

Introduction Diabetes in the elderly population remains a public health challenge in the field of nursing. The global prevalence of the disease is 8.8% for individuals aged below 80 years but above 18 years (International Diabetes Federation [IDF], 2019). The socioeconomic impact of the condition is remarkable, and based on...

Public Health Nurse Responsibilities

The role of the community or public health nurse differs significantly from that of their more widespread counterparts. As the name of the profession implies, instead of caring for individual patients, they concern themselves with communities or the public at large. Per McEwen and Nies (2018), the community or public...

The Advance Health Care Directives

The Advance Directive (AD) An advance directive is a legitimate manuscript used to highlight particular prospect clinical care resolutions only when one is not healthy physically or mentally to make his or her medical care decisions. The form authorizes a health care representative or an attorney to complete treatment and...

Family Nurse Practitioner in the World of Medicine

Nursing practice Nursing is a practice that has been broadening in nature due to the emergence of diverse healthcare cases, which denotes the need to develop and embrace different concepts of nursing. One of the resounding developments in the field of nursing is the embrace of nursing care at the...

Assisting a Client With a Meal

Introduction The circumstances involving the use of the client-feeding skill encompassed a seventy-five-years old female patient. Her name was Mary Jones, and her place of residence was Lakeview Nursing Home. At the time of the delivery of the service, she had been admitted for four years. Jones had suffered a...

COVID and Population Health Relations

Effects of COVID on a Population The article under consideration written by Tai et al. (2020) dwells upon the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on such groups as African Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanics. Tai et al. (2020) note that these groups proved to be specifically vulnerable. It has been...