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Pericarditis Corrections Case Overview

Biographic Data Mr. X is a 50-year-old man from Texas. He is a retired civil engineer who stays at home with his wife and two children. The social activities which he currently engages in are rearing animals on his ranch. Also, Mr. X is a Christian of the African American...

Pressure Injuries Data and Literature Review

Introduction Pressure injuries in the elderly are a serious problem requiring much consideration and insight. Medical professionals, including both doctors and nurses, must utilize evidence-based current-day approaches as a way to mitigate the possible harm done to their patients. The field of pressure injury research and prevention develops with the...

Electronic Medical Record and Health Record Systems

An electronic medical record (EMR) should not be confused with electronic health record (EHR) systems. However, both methods have the same application and capabilities. The EMR and EHR are automated versions of a patient’s medical history, including prior treatment and primary health data. The vast advantage of these systems is...

Sacrificing Civil Liberties for The Greater Good

The choices and preferences of individuals primarily determine social well-being; however, the coronavirus threatens the possibility of implementing personal and civil liberties. To regain these rights and stop the spread of the disease, it is necessary to sacrifice part of individual freedom. The coronavirus pandemic endangers the life and health...

Ambulatory Care Issue of New Department Director

Introduction The case describes a situation that happened to a new director of ambulatory care, Dr. Grant, preoccupied with an overcrowded emergency department. Families and patients are waiting for hours due to a limited number of beds and a staff shortage. For this reason, the hospital would regularly send incoming...

The Issue of Diagnosis Errors

Considering the issue of diagnosis errors, we can identify two main stakeholders related to the situation. As mentioned by Flanagan (2016), the patient plays a central role in eliminating diagnosis mistakes. At this point, it is critical to note that the hospital could not be a perfectly safe environment that...

Advanced Practice Nurses’ (APNs) Competencies

What foundational competencies do APNs need to possess to design an evaluation strategy, validate data, and interpret findings? Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs) have core competencies in different domains such as direct clinical service, professional leadership, ethical decision-making, expert coaching, consultation, and others. To design an evaluation strategy, validate data, and...

Resolved Lawsuits against Pfizer Alleged Marketing Fraud

The current paper seeks to analyze Pfizer company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and identify its strategic goals. Strategic goals Maintain old research and science projects with other companies and seek new collaboration opportunities; Seek further penetration in the markets with high growth potential, such as China and India. Strengths...

The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) continuously remains one of the main problems of modern medicine. This is majorly due to the high frequency of the syndrome development as a complication of respiratory diseases or traumas, the complexity of the pathogenesis mechanisms, large material costs for treatment, and high lethality. ARDS...

Digital Health Technologies Trend and the Apple Company

Introduction: What is the trend? At the moment, there are many trends in the field of digital technologies. However, not all of them are suitable as initiatives for further significant innovations. In the Apple context, an area in which further research can be successfully done is in the health sector....

The Dangers of Non-Vaccination

The Current Effect of Non-vaccination Vaccination entails the administration of attenuated “antigens, toxoids or any chemical from a disease-causing microbe” to a healthy individual with an aim of inducing an immune response to any subsequent infection by the same infectious agent (Davies, Chapman & Leask, 2002). Vaccination is an important...

Healthcare Staff Training on Leadership Skills

Background Transformational leaders are influential, intellectual, humble, and have a vision. The influential leader is a role model who inspires trust. The intellectual leader is fearless and has the ability to take risks. Leaders have humility and problem-solve to ensure the mission of the organization is kept in mind. They...