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Newly Added Works

Critical Theory and Mass Communication

The works carried out within the framework of critical theory had a serious impact on the development of mass communication research. The concept of critical communication theory does not seek to define communication and build universal explanatory models based on this category. Instead, it tries to formulate some requirements that...

Oscar Lewis’ Views on Poverty and Its Causes

Introduction The culture of poverty is a sociological concept and a theory that implies that poverty may not exclusively result from the lack of resources but also from the acquired value system. The concept was first introduced by American anthropologist Oscar Lewis in his book Five Families: Mexican Case Studies...

Contemporary Nursing Practice, Development and Regulation

Introduction Various areas of business and life in commercial and non-profit organizations evolve over time. Health systems are changing, and nurses who take on an important and direct role in it are beginning to reshape their practices in response to new demands from society and emerging opportunities. Thus, their scope...

Burden of Neurological Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative disease primarily affecting the elderly population. According to Dr. Cohen, fewer resources are dedicated to preventing and treating Alzheimer’s due to the fundamental lack of awareness (Cohen, 2015). Though Alzheimer’s is an equal cause of death as cancer, more resources are availed to cancer research as...

Importance of Comprehensive Quality Care

I believe that showing genuine care by instilling confidence in the proposed treatment for a patient is essential during consultations for them to have the full effect. A counselor must display competence as a professional whose opinion is based on a solid foundation, as this confidence will be transferred to...

Stress Management Among Healthcare Personnel

The PICO question format allows healthcare students and professionals to take on specific problems through a focused and well-defined approach. In this research paper, the following PICO question will be discussed: in hospital healthcare personnel, what is the effectiveness of cooperation-focused programs compared with standard self-care practices on the burnout...

Safety and Health Care Quality as Concepts

Introduction This paper is dedicated to the concepts of patient safety and health care quality. The essence of patient safety lies in the prevention of intentional and unintentional harm to the patients. In other words, healthcare personnel should avoid errors, injuries, and assignment of inappropriate treatment. The concept of health...

The Project: Improving Nurse Retention

Summary Nursing staff turnover is costly as it decreases the organization’s productivity and the quality of patient care. This proposal is based on the following data: Quarterly retention rates for graduate nurses within a six-month period from hire are down 6%. Nurses positions open = 180, applicants for open positions...

Just a Routine Operation: Perioperative Medicine

Poor communication between healthcare professionals in the operating room can lead to adverse outcomes. Lack of adequate communication between surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses can lead to events that endanger the life of any patient. The study of surgical results focuses mainly on risk factors and the professionalism of the head...

Healthy People 2020 Objectives Affecting Community

Objectives that Affect the Community The Healthy People 2020 Mental Health and Mental Disorders section includes two aspects that affect many individuals in my community. The first issue involves adolescent eating disorders, while the second relates to depression. Reason for Choosing the Objectives MHMD-3 aims to reduce the proportion of...

Nursing Leadership: How This Course Advanced My Knowledge

I got to know all leader types and understood how to use these approaches in the working process, and I understood the essential qualities of a nursing leader. I have a clear understanding that being a good leader means implementing a “flexible approach to each individual situation where leadership is...

The Implications of a Sleep-Deprived Society

The US is a sleep-deprived society, and the situation is getting worse. According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 30 million Americans have chronic sleep disorders. Over 20% of the nation is getting less than 6 hours of sleep a day, and that proportion is increasing from one year to...