This is Essays In College

We appreciate your willing to find out more about our platform.
It began as a passion project with sheer desire to lend a helping hand to students who had troubles dealing with their writing tasks. While doing so, we also didn’t want to deprive them from gaining knowledge, commit academic dishonesty, or mess with the study process in any other way.
That’s how we came to the idea of building an exhaustive database of academic paper samples that would span the widest range of subjects and topics.

This is Essays In College

Our Philosophy

We’re confident that any student is able to succeed at academics if they’re inspired and motivated enough. And that is just a fraction of what our database is able to give. We provide the source of knowledge deep enough to use it for a variety of tasks and occasions.

Our Objective

The primary objective for us is to help every student that requires it, without hurting their self-improvement. We want to send the message that with adequate resources, it’s possible to tackle even the most complex academic issues.

What Makes Us Different From the Others

Below are the factors that help us make EssaysInCollege database stand out.

of use

We pay close attention to structuring our examples and providing additional details for every work. There’s also a tool for a quick reference creation.


We have strict requirements for all the works we publish. So we check that every sample fits them and doesn’t have stylistic, spelling, and grammar mistakes.


Our database contains only authentic works written by real students. They are donated willingly and no one is forced into sharing them.