Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most burning inquiries about EssaysInCollege database on this page. Chances are that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Our database of essay samples contains student works that have been willingly submitted to us. EssaysInCollege reaches out to students in high schools and universities who have excelled in their studies. If they are willing, they can share the papers they've produced as examples to assist other students. We also have a place on our website where people can contribute their old papers.
We have a staff of editors who go over all of the papers and make sure they are free of grammatical, stylistic, and factual issues, and are 100% authentic. They also check to determine if the essays follow a specific citation style.
You can use our examples as a source of inspiration or to learn more about the subject you've chosen. The references in each sample might be used as a starting point for your own study. If you want to use content from the essay, make sure you correctly reference it according to your citation style guidelines. To do so, there's a handy citation tool at the bottom of each essay sample page.
Students' complete works are featured on EssaysInCollege as samples. We have no need to simply share snippets because we do not profit from the use of these works. Because the writings we provide should only be used for research, it's only logical that we post them in their entirety.
Yes, the works provided by our service are free to use. Our goal is to assist struggling students in any manner we can, without cheating or breaking school rules. As a result, all of the materials available on our website can only be utilized for research.
We started by posting primarily essays, but as the database grew, we realized there was no need to limit ourselves. As a result, our website provides a wide range of academic paper examples, including case studies, essays, reviews, analyses, critical writing, and more.
Academic dishonesty is actively opposed by the entire EssaysInCollege team. We strongly condemn any attempts to circumvent the rules or otherwise cheat in order to improve grades. Completing written tasks is a crucial element of the educational process, in our opinion. Simultaneously, we recognize that some individuals are better writers than others. In order to help struggling students find inspiration, acquire insight into a topic, or find a starting point for conducting their own study, we provide free essay samples. It is completely forbidden to submit one of our pre-written articles as your own.
You may become discouraged if you have difficulty composing papers. You can either attempt to complete the job on your own or seek assistance from someone else. Fortunately, we have a workaround. We provide you with access to a large collection of samples to work with. As a consequence, you'll be motivated, conquer writer's block, discover more about a topic you'd like to write a paper about, become comfortable with a specific citation style, and have a list of resources to begin studying.
We have a vast database of samples. Requests cannot be fulfilled, however new works are added on a regular basis. It's worth paying a visit every now and then; who knows, you might strike it rich and find exactly what you're looking for.
We generally contact students ourselves because we have such high standards for the written works we accept. There is, however, a place where you can donate a paper of your own. Simply complete the form and upload the file. We'll look over it and, if it fits our standards, we'll post it on our website.
It's easier to state what we don't have than it is to explain what we do. With tens of thousands of publications covering practically every study-related topic imaginable, our database is massive. From basic articles about life experiences and points of view to works on genetic engineering and microbiology, there is something for everyone.
If you want to continue your research on our website, you can look through the relevant essays on each sample's page. You can also look through the listings in the category of your chosen paper.
We intend to continue to add fresh works of all genres and on a wide range of themes to the database. We'll be announcing a handful more modifications to the EssaysInCollege website in the near future.
If you've donated a paper to our website and no longer want it to be available, you can submit a content removal request. Please visit the page and fill out the form there. We will remove the content when we have looked into your request.