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    ✨Benefits of Our Text Summarizer

    As a student, you probably have to write a lot of summaries. But do you enjoy it? Honestly, text summarization is not the most pleasant of activities. It’s not surprising that many students ask themselves: “can somebody summarize my text for me?”

    Well, we have good news for you! Our team developed an excellent tool that will ease your summary writing process. Our text summarizer has numerous benefits:

    • Easy to use. You only need to copy the text, insert it into the box, and click the button.
    • Quick. Our tool takes just a few seconds to summarize the text. Enjoy the instant results and save your time!
    • Free. No need to worry about spending money: our tool is 100% free.
    • Available online. Unlike with downloadable apps, you only need Internet access to use our online text summary generator.
    • Accessible without registration. Requests such as “create an account” or “verify your email address” are annoying, aren’t they? Fortunately, you don’t need to register on our website. Start using our text compactor right away!

    🖥️ Online Text Summary Generator: How to Choose

    If you aim to write a high-quality text summary without plagiarizing, writing tools will help you complete this task. For the best result, it’s crucial to choose the summarizer wisely.

    Below, we’ve listed out the questions you can ask yourself while selecting the most effective summarizing software.

    Let’s check them out together!

    Can I change summary length?A good generator should allow you to set the required number of words or sentences in a summary.
    Can I see the keywords? Details such as names, dates, and geographical locations are usually essential, so the tool should include them in the condensed text.
    Is the quality good? The summary should preserve the core idea of the original, eliminating the unessential details.
    Is the result plagiarism-free?The tool should generate 100% original text to avoid academic misconduct.

    So, which tool to use? We recommend our text summarizer:

    • With it, you will easily reach the preferred word count.
    • It will ensure the presence of all key elements of the original text in your summary.
    • Use our tool, and you won’t have to worry about plagiarism.

    ✅ How to Summarize Texts

    Creating an excellent summary is a pretty challenging task. But with our tips, you will ace it! To summarize any text, follow these steps:

    1. Read the text carefully. Ensure that you understand the author’s message and grasp the core idea of the piece.
    2. Outline. Divide the text into several sections to make it more manageable. See what every paragraph focuses on.
    3. Write a draft. Compose the first version of your summary. To resist copy-pasting, put the source text away. Write everything in your own words, trying to preserve the original meaning.
    4. Polish your writing. Reread the source text and compare it to your summary. Ensure the logical flow of ideas and clear reflection of the key details. Check for grammar and punctuation errors to prevent grade reduction. Do that manually or using a grammar checker.

    Text Summary Format

    So, now you know how to write a summary. But that’s not all of it: a perfect retelling should also be appropriately formatted. Follow these simple requirements:

    • Refer to the original text in the first sentence, including the title and the author’s name.
    • Incorporate the essential points into the summary smoothly.
    • Avoid adding your own opinions or interpretations.
    • Shorten your summary if it’s too long.
    • Paraphrase the original text to reach a 100% plagiarism-free result.
    • Wrap up the entire summary in the last sentence.

    Mind these format recommendations, and you will create a great summary!

    📋 Free Text Summary Example

    Now, let’s take a look at our perfect summary example. It will give you a clear understanding of how to condense a text. The original is taken from the article The American Male at Age Ten by Susan Orlean:

    Original text:Summary:
    Colin lives with his mother, Elaine; his father, Jim; his older sister, Megan; and his little brother, Chris, in a pretty pale­blue Victorian house on a bosky street in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. Glen Ridge is a serene and civilized old town twenty miles west of New York City. It does not have much of a commercial district, but it is a town of amazing lawns. Most of the houses were built around the turn of the century and are set back a gracious, green distance from the street. The rest of the town seems to consist of parks and playing fields and sidewalks and backyards ­ in other words, it is a far cry from South­Central Los Angeles and from Bedford­Stuyvesant and other, grimmer parts of the country where a very different ten­year­old American man is growing up today.Colin lives with his family in the town of Glen Ridge, not far from New York. Glen Ridge is quiet and picturesque, unlike cities in grimmer parts of the country, where ten­year­olds are growing up very different from Colin. Glen Ridge is full of green parks, amazing playfields, and pretty Victorian houses that create a cozy atmosphere.

    We hope our article helped you write a superb summary! Don’t forget to use our online generator and consider sharing it with your friends. You are also welcome to check our word flipper for students.

    ❓ Text Summarizer FAQ

    ❓ Is there an app that can summarize articles?

    Yes! Our free online generator creates high-quality summaries in just a few seconds. You only need to insert the text into the box and click the button. The results will appear right away. Check it out yourself!

    ❓ Why do we summarize a text?

    A summary provides a glimpse of a longer text and lets you grasp its main idea without reading it in full. Summaries are helpful for research papers when you need to incorporate the concepts from the source text concisely.

    ❓ How do you summarize a paragraph?

    Start with reading the original and highlighting the key points. Then, briefly retell the paragraph’s main ideas in your own words. Use our text compactor to ease the summary writing process.

    ❓ What is the first step in summarizing a plot?

    Read the story and make sure that you fully comprehend it. Then, identify the text’s keywords, main points, and supporting ideas. After that, you will be able to compose a high-quality summary.

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