Sparton Company’s Social Media and Strategic Marketing

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Sparton is one of the leading defense contractors for maritime defense systems. The company is also a leading provider of engineered products, such as sonobuoys provision to the U. S. Navy (Sparton, 2020b). Although the primary focus of the organization is on the military and aerospace industries, Sparton identified two more markets to expand in by 2020 (Sparton, 2015). The business established a number of marketing goals including but not confined to increasing brand recognition, enhancing customer’s loyalty, and building a positive image (Sparton, 2015). It has been acknowledged that social media can be an effective platform for addressing organizations’ marketing goals, raising people’s awareness of products, and companies utilize these tools in diverse ways (Mahoney & Tang, 2016). Sparton also employs social media to achieve marketing objectives, but these efforts can be improved, especially when it comes to its operations in industries other than the military segment.

First, it is necessary to state that Sparton is an active user of major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The company communicates the most recent news through its official websites and social media accounts (@SpartonCorp, n.d.; Sparton, n.d.). The organization uses YouTube mainly to promote specific products (Sparton RE, 2017; Sparton RE, 2018a). This platform is also utilized to help customers use products effectively and avoid possible negative outcomes (Sparton RE, 2018b). These methods to employ social media are instrumental in addressing such goals as enhancing customer loyalty, raising existing and potential customers’ awareness of products and services, and building a positive image of the company. At that, YouTube could be used more effectively as the number of podcasts is very limited. Although active presence is not a defining factor affecting the efficiency of the marketing performance of organizations, it still plays an important role in the process (Tafesse & Wien, 2018). The company should also be more active in offering customer engagement initiatives rather than concentrate on informing people.

The use of social media can be improved to develop marketing campaigns related to the medical and industrial sectors. Sparton aims to penetrate these markets and win a considerable share in these industries (Sparton, 2015). However, the company’s social media accounts are devoted to the military area, with occasional references to political and economic spheres that are still somehow connected to the military issues (Sparton, 2020a). In order to achieve marketing goals and increase the market share in the mentioned industries, the company should pay more attention to social media analytics and customer engagement initiatives.

As far as the medical industry is concerned, it is possible to use social media to raise people’s awareness of the existing issues and the solutions the company has to offer (Tafesse & Wien, 2018; Kotsenas et al., 2018). Such a strategy has been successfully implemented by the Mayo Clinic (Kotsenas et al., 2018). The medical and industrial markets are associated with increased attention to social and environmental responsibility aspects. Therefore, the focus of social media use must be on building an appropriate image of the company that can contribute to the security of the nation, as well as its sustainable development.

It is possible to offer a number of easy-to-implement strategies to address the goals mentioned above. First, a campaign aimed at promoting the company’s contribution to the development of industrial and medical sectors should be commenced. It is possible to launch the “Security, Sustainability, Sparton” campaign. Twitter and Facebook posts will contain information about the involvement of the company in diverse projects and activities linked to medical and industrial areas. The launch of a new product, the participation in a forum or expo, the provision of funds or donations should be properly published through social media. Writing posts can become the responsibility of the corresponding teams concentrating on specific industries.

The use of a YouTube account can be a more complicated activity as it requires the investment of certain funds. It is possible to contract a company that will highlight similar aspects mentioned above. It can be beneficial to post videos regarding the use of technologies in environment-related projects and hospitals. The pandemic of COVID is still a significant issue posing multiple challenges to the American healthcare system. Sparton can contribute to solving some problems, and this effort should be properly published in major social media. The most recent relocation of headquarters should also be a part of the digital agenda, which can be achieved with the help of social media. The involvement of people through diverse initiatives is also necessary. Sparton can launch discussions of different social or environmental topics (oil spills or contamination of the ocean, vaccination, and so on). This kind of activity will be instrumental in conducting high-quality social media analytics, raising people’s awareness of the company and its non-military (and military products), and building a positive image.

In conclusion, it is possible to note that Sparton utilizes social media mainly to enhance its position in the military market. However, the company can attain its strategic marketing goals by becoming an active user of social networks, with the focus on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Text-based posts can be developed and posted internally, while video podcasts may require a certain cooperation with external partners.


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