Social Responsibility of the Verizon Company

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Verizon, a leading global company that deals in telecommunication services have taken it upon itself to engage in social responsibility. The move to support education and safety in the community that the company operates its business is a form of management concept that has been adopted by most modern companies. The concept provides a framework that allows management to think beyond the traditional aims of enriching the company.

The ethical managerial concept encompasses several issues such as social responsibility. However, the concept of corporate social responsibility has attracted various reactions. Arguably, Verizon’s move is a strategy to enhance its reputation in society and to derive other social benefits. The move aims at increasing the company’s market share and instilling investors’ confidence and trust in its operations. Verizon seems to understand the societal needs which are the need to acquire knowledge through the provision of education channels and the importance of safety. The concept is therefore beneficial to both the company and the society through its ability to enhance the human welfare and goodwill of the citizens. The company, as a corporate citizen, also promotes quality of life in society. It also must comply with the legal framework that binds it to the social well-being of society. It is therefore justifiably right to support the move by Verizon to commit itself to social responsibility. The responsibility brings to fore all the players in the society in an attempt to create a strong and healthy nation.

Various instances create a good climate for Verizon to achieve its commitment to social responsibility. The culture of social responsibility is instituted from the top managerial level hence making the entire company easily commit to the responsibility. For example, the company has set up a foundation which is headed by Patrick Gaston and the management has further ensured that the concept of social responsibility is promoted among the employees and the retirees. The positive philosophies of the management as well as the other key players influence the ethical behavior that makes it easy for the company to play its role. Another instance is the ability of the company to instill personal self-interest in all the people involved in the process of maintaining social responsibility. The management has not only engaged the employees and the retirees but also the social members who are their customers in a business context.

Verizon is also likely to encounter some difficulties in some instances in its bid to commit to social responsibility. One instance is the challenge to motivate the employees to ensure their commitment. This becomes a hindrance for the company to achieve its goal. Unethical behavior is also likely to emerge among the key players in performing their roles. For example, the employees may be overcome by greed in the fundraising campaigns and use it for their benefits instead of the intended purpose. Another instance is the difficulty of managing a large and diverse workforce. Verizon has employed over 200,000 employees, each of whom has a role to play in social responsibility. In addition, the company has set up a foundation and an online storehouse that engage itself in social responsibility. The company is likely to face a challenge in managing a diverse workforce to achieve the desired results. The company should also put into consideration other key players such as the customers, retirees, and the targeted social members in its commitment to social responsibility and the role to be played by each person.

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