Importance of Public Safety

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I believe there is a dire need to consider society’s wellness, and thus, my desire to be a pillar of change inspired me to pursue a bachelor’s degree, majoring in public safety. Generally, public safety revolves around the diverse needs of individuals, societies, and the entire country. Local organizations collaborate with the police to include public safety into the mix of aspects addressed in the inclusive community development initiatives. Essentially, public safety’s primary objective is to protect citizens from disasters, crimes, and other potential threats, which could harm them or adversely affect their way of life.

Public safety helps to build strong, vibrant, cohesive, and participatory communities in a country. When citizens elect their government, they believe that its priority is to protect them. As a result, they engage in riots or rebellions when they feel neglected. Strengthening public safety helps people live peacefully and execute their daily activities without unnecessary anxieties. Therefore, public safety allows individuals to have the freedom to express themselves in various spheres of life, thus ensuring vibrant and unified communities, which promote peace across the entire nation.

In addition, public safety promotes collaborative activities between the government and its citizens. Government agencies and residents can deliberate on various mechanisms of improving their communities while addressing security and safety threats, such as cybercrimes, terrorism, thefts, and civil wars. Unfortunately, in areas characterized by crimes, people are often angry and resistant to government directives, thus weakening the development agendas. However, in a safe society, residents are often at the forefront to assist either the state or federal government in fulfilling its goals. I work as a legal assistant in the federal government, and I have witnessed the public safety topic helping in initiating constructive deliberations with locals towards addressing persisting problems, mainly in the criminal justice system.

Public safety also remains indispensable in promoting the economic growth of a country. For instance, such a country as the United States has enjoyed peace for an extended period. As a result, investors are inspired to establish their companies due to low security or safety threats to their properties. Other countries, such as Canada and Malaysia, have also experienced increasing economic growth due to practical safety measures, which ensure their populations’ full participation in building their economies. Consequently, public safety creates a favorable business environment, inspiring business people, both local and international, to invest, contributing to economic growth and development.

Public safety is an essential educational program because it helps create awareness of the dire need to embrace peaceful coexistence. It helps reflect on the diverse needs of the communities and entire country, thus encouraging citizens’ participation in the development agendas and other government initiatives aimed at reinforcing unity across the nation. Therefore, federal and state governments should strengthen public safety because it determines the nation’s social, political, and economic trend.

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