Winning the Fight Against Poverty

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In the video Ted Talk, Andrew Yountalks about ways of curbing poverty. He talks of the poor people in East Africa, who are mostly farmers. He discusses three main points which can help farmers produce adequate yields to sustain themselves and the community. This essay explores some of the ideas that Youn proposes that could help farmers earn incomes by increasing their farm yields through better farming mechanisms.

One Acre Fund Supporting Farmers to Win Against Poverty

Providing farm inputs to farmers like seeds and fertilizers and ensuring delivery could help considerably. Since they are poor, most of the farmers have no access to basic farm tools and knowledge. They sow the food saved up in the granaries, thus reducing the amount of food they have to consume in the future (Youn, 2016). Providing the necessary tools for farming could help the farmers’ plants extensively and advance to large-scale farming. Andrew believes farm education is important in ensuring farmers engage in improved farming practices for increased yields.

Key Point: Educating Farmers

In the video mentioned above, Youn affirms that most of the poor people in the world are farmers. Believably, providing farmers with the necessary education will help them know the right time for various farm activities. In addition, this knowledge will help farmers know how to apply the right tools to minimize crop production loss resulting from poor farming methods. Through peer education, farmers who acquire this knowledge will significantly impact the immediate community in the long term. Even if farmers have the right to farm inputs and tools, achieving high yields and winning the fight against poverty will remain a challenge. Therefore, although other points are important, education for farmers marks the beginning of changing the lives of farmers and the global community.


In conclusion, One Acre Fund is a good example of how the global community should unite to help farmers. The group named above provides farmers with modern farm inputs, including seeds and fertilizers. In addition, One Acre Fund also educates farmers on how to increase the farms’ productivity to ensure the flow of food and a thriving economy. Food security ensures there is a healthy community, and their future is secure.


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