Winning Against Poverty Through Farming

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One in every three children is permanently stunted for life from food shortages at home. This data reveals the menace currently facing humanity that requires immediate intervention. The 13minutes speech by Andrew Youn unveils the innovative farming techniques implemented by the One Acre Fund project intended to eradicate hunger and poverty (TED, 2016). The most crucial farming interventions proposed include smart farming and farmers’ training, which provides practical interventions to alleviate poverty through agriculture.

The contemporary farming methods provide techniques such as using hybrid seeds and fertilizers in farming as sustainable planting practices, which results in an increased agricultural output. These interventions depict how innovative farming works to ensure farmers get surplus produce for commercial purposes. This strategy can help eradicate poverty because farmers can grow and harvest food on a large scale by applying the techniques mentioned, which helps maximize productivity (TED, 2016).

For example, hybrid seeds may be cultured to resist unpredictable situations such as high rainfall or drought to ensure the farmers’ harvest despite the seasons. Similarly, fertilizers boost the yields because they provide additional nutrients to the soil, guaranteeing high-quality agricultural produce that meets the market demands. High-quality mass production ensures the farmer makes high market sales, eradicating poverty brought by lack of finances and food.

Farmers training on ways to engage in sustainable or commercial farming is another One Acre Fund intervention intended to eradicate poverty. The farmers’ training focuses on providing the best agriculture and trade practices, such as maintaining the quality of products by using the right farming tools and trading the produce at the international market (TED, 2016). I believe that these skills are integral in sponsoring informed decisions that ensure farmers can make better choices on their farming practices and the sale of produce to maintain profitability.


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