The Myth of Multiculturalism in Canada

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For several years now, Canada has been both recognized and praised by many parents is for its unique ability and for converting its multicultural population into a mosaic. This approach to multiculturalism is preferred, rather than emulating the idea of the melting pot which has been the experience in the United States.

The idea of establishing a mosaic rather than that of the melting pot makes more sense when wanting to encourage unity at equilibrium was in a state that has used that tool of immigration to bolster its population and economy. However, even though Canada has perpetrated itself as being a multicultural mosaic, twisting his research proposal and will be argued that while Canada has a diverse urban population, not all of Canada’s geographical regions experience multiculturalism.

This research paper will explore as well as to elucidate the history of multiculturalism from a Canadian perspective. In seven of multiculturalism is one that carries prodigious historical significance was in Canadian history because it is the ideal foundation upon which kind of deal is valued and also the premise that Canadians use to distinguish themselves from other nations. As was previously stated, Canada depends largely upon immigration to both its population is well as its economic standing globally. Each of these immigrants who migrates to Canada regardless of their skin color, religion, or culinary predilections, I’ll tell you what their diverse cultural practices are. Because of these cultural differences, many of the immigrants that come to Canada have encountered racism, discrimination, and other brutal realities.

Thus, the Canadian government under the leadership of Pierre Elliott Trudeau incorporated into the Canadian Constitution to multicultural act. Though this multicultural act would not solve all covert acts of discrimination that immigrants faced coming to Canada, it would create a nationwide multicultural group that was intended to be reflective within each Canadian city and town. Sadly, this has not been made a reality as many historians, psychologists, and other researchers, have suggested that only certain days in areas experience multiculturalism.

Regarding the subject of multiculturalism, much wonderful information can be found, and thus will enable me to compose a well-researched research paper. This information covers multiculturalism over the spread of approximately 65 years, which will get me a glass perspective from which my thoughts can be organized, as well as how this research paper can be relevant to all readers. These books and articles have been written in a manner that will make it easy for information to be gleaned from as well as conveyed on paper. Also, the writers of these books and articles written of varying standpoints will allow a sense of balance to be observed within this research paper.

Some of the academic literature that will be used to construct and complete the newspaper will include an article written by Daniel Stoffman entitled “The illusion of multiculturalism”. This particular article was carefully chosen because it supports the thesis upon which this paper will argue. Stoffman looks at multiculturalism from the perspective of a Canadian as well as from the perspective of an immigrant who had migrated to Canada. He explores some of the circumstances that these immigrants undergo as well as how Canadians have come to perceive multiculturalism over the past several decades.

‘Race’ and Ethnicity in Canada: A Critical Introduction

By Vic Satzewich and Nikolaos Liodakis.I am particularly interested in using this book as it is written from a Canadian perspective and deals with race and how race is interacted with different regions by region. Though this book does not fully support my argument of writers share some of my views, and thus, it will help me in my research and also in writing this paper.

The Art of the State 111 Belonging? Diversity, Recognition and Shared Citizenship in Canada By Thomas J. Courchene and F. Leslie Seidle

This book stands out in more ways than the others because it deals with a diversity of Canadian issues including managing diversity in Canada, immigrants, and integration, social cohesion, multiculturalism, among many others. The writers of this book shed light on the chosen topic and will help greatly in constructing this essay. Not only does this book is a topic that interesting in writing about, but the authors also offer varying perspectives on the topic which would allow the writing of this essay to be balanced and not one that is one-sided.

21st-Century Canadian Diversity By Stephen E. Nancoo

This book looks at me in the multicultural policy while at the same time dealing with demographics suggested that immigrants who come to Canada are not even in the spread out of and Canadian cities, therefore, not all Canadian areas experiences multiculturalism. This is precisely the thesis of this paper, thus, this book will help tremendously in making the arguments in this paper.

Whose War is It: how Canada Can Survive in the Post 9/11 World By G.L. Grinstein

Within this book, the author who is a Canadian historian deals with the issue of multiculturalism in Canada and offers a litany of information that can be incorporated in this essay. This particular book is truly admired because it deals with the issues that my paper will address from a more recent perspective than many of the others.

In conclusion, this paper is not intended to suggest that Canadians oppose multiculturalism, but rather, that multiculturalism is simply just not a reality for all Canadian demographics. The primary goal of this paper is to inform its readers regarding the history of multiculturalism, the circumstances that brought him to the multicultural act, and also how multiculturalism has had tremendous difficulties to be expected in all Canadian regions.

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