TeamSTEPPS Strategies in Healthcare

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The TeamSTEPPS strategies play an essential role in improving caregivers’ performance and their ability to provide safe and quality care. Mainly, the component of the team structure is responsible for the organization of the group according to the requirements of healthcare to make it work as a single system. The strategy of communication contributes to the ability of caregivers to understand the information they share with each other. Leadership plays an essential role in administering the tasks and responsibilities. Situation monitoring is critical because it excludes the possibilities of mistakes. Finally, the strategy of mutual support defines the ability of the team to function even if some problematic situations occur.

One of the most significant elements of the strategy I use regularly is communication. If I were a manager, I would continue to apply this method. In particular, I consider that it plays several crucial roles in the improvement of care. Mainly, it guarantees that the quality of services is high because all the caregivers understand their responsibilities. They receive specific instructions from the manager and ask for additional explanations when the situation is unclear (Parker et al., 2018). It helps the healthcare workers find the best options and choose the most appropriate treatment methods. Simultaneously, this approach helps to prevent misunderstanding and possible mistakes. The absence of proper communication may lead to differences in interpretation of symptoms and instructions. Moreover, it may impede the ability of caregivers to provide the necessary care and follow the regulations. As a consequence, these cases of misunderstanding and errors threaten the patients’ safety. Therefore, the strategy of improving communication might be the primary focus of the managers to make the team members comprehend each other and anticipate the problems.


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