Slow Aging and its Prevention

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Aging, a biological process of gradual degradation of parts and systems of the human body, begins after reaching the peak of its resources in middle age. The body gradually begins to spend these resources, but the rate of aging varies considerably from one individual to another. The aging processes are influenced by various factors: internal, associated with heredity, metabolic characteristics, and external, the so-called social. Sometimes the aging process is almost impossible to prevent, but in most cases, a healthy lifestyle will significantly help slow down the processes of body degradation.

The genetic factor’s role in aging has been proven; cases of progeria are known, diseases of internal organs caused by heredity are risk factors for premature aging. In addition, genetic makeup and lifestyle factors play an essential role in whether and when chronic disease occurs, which can affect degradation processes. The level of social protection, medical care, quality of food, the ability to build a correct lifestyle depend on the level of economic development and affect the aging of the population. The limitation of human physical activity combined with an increase in the intensity of neuropsychic activity contributes to the development of many diseases and accelerated aging.

Instilling healthy habits that will help improve well-being and strengthen health should be started from an early age. To optimize health in middle age, any person needs to move regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity. Moderate physical activity reduces the aging of the cardiovascular system, and in the long term, helps to reduce the risk of death (Harridge & Lazarus, 2017). To delay aging, one has to take care of the health, get enough sleep, reduce intake of sugar, salt, and processed foods, drink water; these simple rules help the body overcome the natural aging process. The elderly also need to be given light physical activity; this reduces the degree of aging of the cardiovascular system.

To conclude, different factors of the external and internal environment contribute to the development of accelerated aging. The identification of these factors and their timely elimination help to slow down aging, although it is difficult to influence the genetic factor. In early, middle, and old age, it is equally important to lead a healthy lifestyle, be active, and eliminate bad habits to optimize health and delay aging.


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