Public Administration: Concepts and Cases

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The key decision makers in public agencies

Public Agencies are located at the State, Local and Federal levels. These agencies ensure the smooth running of any given Public Service Organization. The major decision makers in the Public Administration comprise the leaders in the government where decisions made are from the head of State to the legislators. These leaders collectively work together or through different bodies to come up with concrete decisions that may have an impact to the running of a public body.

In any given Public Agency, political appointees are the major players in decision making and implementation. In most cases the decisions made do not yield a long time effect but tend to be short lived. This is because the appointees bring forth decisions that suit their own goals or rather suit their status leaving the public on their own. The decisions made appear to be short lived because they do not involve the public. Thus, deciding on what they feel fit but does not suit the public interest. This automatically leads to short time decisions that do not benefit the public at large.

The Concept of Increment

The idea of increment is where the Public Administration places high costs of maintaining an agency. This is attained by increasing levy in consumer goods and services to acquire enough turnovers to enable the agency to run the particular Public Administration Office. This is a major decision making model that helps to bring in the adequate funds required.

Importance of collaboration

For an effective public management structure, collaboration is very vital. In this era there is a need for Public Administration to work in partnership with the locals in decision making. Citizen should be involved in tackling problems and issues in their localities. The decision made by the Public Agencies has a direct impact to the public. The public are the sole people that can help implement necessary bills that are effective to them. It is also important for all the heads to come together to make decision without neglecting the work to a particular State and its residence.

Public Service Culture

Public Service Culture is the adaptation of ways and means to offer services to the public by involving the public and other bodies. This is enabled by sharing policies to help in providing the services to the public. It is important for the public to be involved in decision making in order to come up with better services that suits the public interests. These services are only excluded to the public sector as they mostly have an effect to the public. The culture cannot be extended to all structures as some structures needs to be highly monitored for instance, the matter of National Security.

Public Interest

Public interest refers to the general well being of an individual. The individual in this case might be a person without any authority or privileges in a society. This involves the benefits an individual attains from a given action or service rendered. This benefit is to be achieved without causing any harm to an individual to be termed as a public interest. The Public Administrators can achieve this goal by ensuring that they work together with the locals to understand how they can help to better the lives of the residents. They also have to come up with policies that ensure that every individual is well catered for.

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