Nutrition and Exercise Plan for Overweight Patients

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Health refers to aspects of the body that enables an individual conduct every day activity in a comfortable manner. An individual should pay attention to the kind of nutrients consumed and exercises done. This will help eliminate nutritional problems such as overweight. Research indicates that a person whose BMI is between 25 and 29 is overweight whereas one with BMI of 30 is obese. Nutritionists agree that BMI of 18 to 24 is suitable for any person who is sensitive to his or her health. So as to move from the bracket of overweight to the recommended weight, mixtures of both nutritional content and exercise helps as a weight lose strategy.

Nutrition problem

A nutritional problem to be addressed in this essay is overweight of four pounds, which emanated from the kinds of foods I consumed. Continuous ingestion of unbalanced diet is a major contributing factor to overweight that has affected my family. While recognizing that generics play a role in the onset of the problem, unhealthy lifestyle and detrimental eating habits are causative elements of overweight (Hardman, 2009). Time spent watching television and playing computer games instead of doing physical exercise in the field has hindered positive growth and development. I can also attribute busy time schedule of my parents to inappropriate cooking styles, which then affect nutritional value of food consumed daily.

Research indicate that overweight raises the threat for: type-two diabetes, high levels of cholesterol, increased blood pressure and low self esteem especially with children who end as a bully target and subsequently face peer dismissal (Hardman, 2009). Overweight also can affect future approach to life and ultimately personal relationship with other individuals. Too much fast food, deficit of vitamins and other vital nutrients, qualifies rampant overweight in the west and other developed world. The United States is considering regulating the number of fast food joints available in urban centers so as to curtail consumption of junk foods. Non-governmental organizations have also carried out campaigns destined to educate families on dietary needs.

Nutritional or physical exercise goals

In response to the problem encountered, the first goal is to include vitamins in a diet. Examples of such vitamins are fruits, green vegetables, and other supplements. I will envision including grains in any meal as recommended by nutritionist. Physical exercise must be built-in as the third goal. This helps in burning fats deposited in various body parts. Exercise also aids in blood circulation consequently eliminating generalized body weakness. In this case, one-hour physical exercise on a daily is appropriate. This translates to a maximum of seven hours a week.

Proposal by food guide pyramid clearly states a level of 1.2 and 2.5 cups of fruits and vegetables respectively to be taken frequently (Willett, 2003). This is a contrast to my daily consumption scale of 0.5 cups of fruits and 1.5 cups of vegetables. Comparison between suggestion by food guide pyramid and my present consumption shows deficiencies of 0.7 fruits cups and one cup of vegetables. Realization of this objective is by my nutrition goal. Grains contribute fiber thus I will target consuming up to the required amount. Physical activity is an essential component of nutrition and exercise course. Implementation of the program is done in a four to five evening training session. This procedure should proceed for an indefinite period. It therefore calls for an absolute dedication into the exercise. Positive orientation of the mind is an initial step to solve the stated nutritional problem.

Actions taken to meet each goal

In an effort to achieve the goal of exercising an hour daily, I will take account of the activity in my schedule of events. This assists in allocating sufficient time to all activities while eliminating probability of failing to execute some programs. To attain projected consumption level of fruits, grains and vegetables, I opt to make a list of food to consume during each meal. Bananas come in during breakfast while oranges are eaten over dinner and lunch. Vegetables are also included in every meal. These are critical steps in meeting pre-state goals.

Difficulties and their solutions

One of the setbacks is purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables from farms. This challenge is overcome by using preservation measures to store food substances bought in advance. This eliminates a chance of not consuming fruits and vegetables yet it appears in Food Pyramid. Another anticipated setback is keeping track of exercises in the time table. Evening physical exercises are quite challenging simply because of day’s activity. 30 minutes eradicates the problem. Nevertheless, motivated human being commit to goals and objectives consequently countering nutritional problem (Willett, 2003). Motivation achievement is by inviting friends and support team when executing the program. Because this nutrition and exercise plan is aimed reducing weight, actual decrease in body mass weight will stimulate one to work even harder.

Outcomes by which to measure success

Decrease in BMI, healthy living, and endurance are some of the success factors in the plan. I will always focus on health and not digits on the scale. If I feel better in that case, it is an accurate measure of goal realization. Ability to stick to the action plan is a second indicator whether weight will be lost to a BMI of 18-24. Failure to consume vegetables, fruits and grains reduces the likelihood of realizing set objectives. Moreover, endurance measures health status of a person who has gone through the action plan. Increased stamina and strength is a pointer of good dietary and physical exercises (Willett, 2003).

Evidence of the plan’s effectiveness

Increased strength and endurance, weight loses, good body feelings, and improved lifestyle is evidence of the effectiveness of the plan. Ability to follow keenly nutritional plan gives evidence of areas that needs revision and those that requires improvement. If there is a deficit of oranges in the market I will buy its substitute e.g. pineapples. For this reason, all plans are appraised continuously so as to realize goals and objectives of keeping fit.

Health risks that may develop if the plan is not implemented

Failure to implement the plan may lead to type two diabetes, high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol and low self esteem. While noting that diabetes is a generic disease, it is most likely that I will contract the disease if my nutrition and exercise is not watched closely.

Adjustments to the Plan for Changing Nutritional Needs

Variance in age, sex and body capabilities will call for an adjustment to be made on the plan. With aging population, rate, and intensity of exercise deteriorates. Older generation cannot do same exercise with younger population. In the same vein, pregnancy reduces speed of physical exercise. The plan therefore incorporates stretching and slow pace of walking as a strategy to maintaining health. Injury dwindle capability of an individual to execute strenuous physical exercise. Equipment that aids exercise is also in the plan.

Physical activities

Walking, playing football, jogging, stretching and doing sit-ups plays a role in strengthening body muscles (Hardman, 2009). Changes in climate dictate on the nature of activities to be done. During a cold season, indoor exercises are favorable as compared to outdoor activities. One should also be sensitive to a balanced diet but high in vitamins and grains. Commitment to the plan guarantees good health.


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