Multicultural Issues in Leadership

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Encouraging Multicultural Mindset

In my opinion, employees’ multicultural mindset can be encouraged directly and indirectly. As for the latter, it is important to remember that respectful attitudes towards other cultures start with respectful attitudes towards different points of view in general. In this regard, the training that would seek to develop listening skills and critical thinking, for instance, would greatly assist the development of a multicultural mindset. As such, people would become more open to ideas that are sharply different from theirs and start questioning their own beliefs.

Additionally, I think that it is important to show how being open-minded and desiring to learn from people with different perspectives on life can benefit every employee. One way to achieve that can be the usage of numerous examples of successful people. For instance, in the context of multiculturalism, the example of the impact that is traveling to India had on the life of Steve Jobs may be used (Rathee, 2021). In other words, rather than addressing the need to be culturally conscious, this approach would instead motivate employees to become open-minded.

As for the direct methods, firstly, the company managers must serve as good examples for employees. For instance, when implementing changes, the leaders should ask the workers who belong to minority groups whether management decisions do not contradict their cultural values if the such discrepancy is possible. Moreover, some companies issue corporate journals that can also cover stories related to multicultural respect and understanding. Finally, the company can also celebrate all the multicultural holidays of its workers. For example, a company with Chicano employees may organize a party devoted to the commemoration of Cinco de Mayo.

Multiculturalism in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is remarkably oriented to promote multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion. On the one hand, patients are offered face-to-face and online language services to facilitate the healthcare provision process to those who struggle with or do not know English and to death patients. Moreover, the hospital provides spiritual care for people who follow various or none of religious traditions. On the other hand, the institution hires individuals of different social, sexual, and cultural backgrounds and fights against discrimination and racism. In this respect, my supervisor adheres to all these values and constantly promotes multiculturalism through personified approach to every worker and patient.


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