Importance of the Ethics in Research

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Defining and Measuring Variables

The apparent problem with Delvin’s study entails inquiring about sensitive personal questions and how the information is utilized in the study. Misusing background information about the students is likely to raise ethical issues. Besides, the information is useful in objectionable and unfair ways that can disadvantage the participant. The students who complete the questionnaire must be told why they are being asked for the information requested. The ethical issue of holding information on people about past behavior also brings ethical problems. Such problems tend to project how a person’s past is evidence of their current achievement and hence can lead to judgments from people. The information can be helpful when admitting someone either in offices or schools. Therefore, it is used, which can affect how a person views someone else.

The collection of data using the questionnaire is beneficial to participants as it can help them be aware of the association between the use of drugs and one’s GPA. The results can benefit the community as the results are crucial information that can help the community guide the students. Primarily, the community members can inform the students on the reasons that partying has on the GPA. The collection of data can, in this way, lead the participants and the community to get the necessary feedback and hence can help to shape the best practices.

Ethical Thought: It All Comes Down To Reliability

Dr. Nypaver had so much success with the treatment of her patients. The reliability analysis would have helped in measuring the success rate of the treatment procedure. Primarily, the reliability analysis can explain the relationships between the treatment procedure and a person’s success in being cured. The results of such a process can support the integrity and reliability of the treatment that Dr. Nypaver had communicated to her patients. The therapy should state its weaknesses and strengths, as this will be used when informing a party to consent or not (Oswaldo, 2021). The participants should understand the research goals as this will ensure that the responses made are not biased.

Dr. Nypaver ought to have conducted reliability analyses before marketing the treatment. The reliability analyses can be used to estimate the quantitative and qualitative impact of the research to ensure it is safe and reliable to be used in patients. The estimation of the reliability of the data on eating disorders can be instrumental in supporting the marketing of the treatment. Before marketing the therapy, Dr. Nypaver should give more insights into the strength and weaknesses of the treatment and the underlying issues that may be an obstacle to success. The critical issues for the treatment should be used to capture the key issues that may cause the treatment results to be severe.

The false information that Dr. Nypaver communicated in regards to the treatment obligates him to give a refund. Dr. Nypaver ought to be reimbursed since he failed to provide complete information about the research indicating that he breached the ethical considerations. Dr. Nypaver should give out refunds as the treatment is against the ethics followed by the study. Hence, it can significantly impact future researchers on the issue of consent and integrity in research (Oswaldo, 2021). Integrity is critical when developing a treatment plan. Therefore, it is essential to protect integrity as this holds a key pillar for acceptability in the research world.


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