Implementation of New Systems: eHealth App “Beat Diabetes”

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Understanding: Usability

  • Currently, no generally accepted definition of usability
  • Users: those interacting with the system
  • Effective, efficient, and satisfactory achievement of outcome
  • The consumer understands how to use it
  • More efficient implementation of the system

(Quiñones et al., 2017)

Understanding: Configurability

  • Allows changes to the system configurations
  • It is easier to build and adjust
  • It can be reused in the future
  • Less likely to produce faults and defects
  • More personalized interface for the user

(Lane et al., 2018)

Understanding: Interoperability

  • How systems exchange and process information
  • Between labs, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, other necessary sources
  • Sharing and interpreting data important for diagnoses
  • Important for patient engagement and understanding
  • Improves efficient and effective communication between doctors

(O’Connor, 2017)

Above Concepts vs. Cost of the New System

  • Usability, configurability, and interoperability should outweigh costs
  • Important for efficient implementation and use
  • Longer-term use by clinicians and patients
  • General satisfaction and facilitated complex diagnoses
  • High-cost overcomplicated new system is a waste

System Recommendation

  • eHealth apps increasingly popular and useful
  • Systems that can be used at home
  • An increasingly aging population requires constant care
  • The rapid pace of the modern society
  • A need for on-demand medical care

(Lane et al., 2018)

Selecting a Team

  • United by the same objectives and goals
  • Good levels of communication within the team
  • Knowledgeable and well-experienced professional individuals
  • A variety of skills and perspectives
  • Readiness to dedicate effort to system implementation

“Determining the Resistance” Principle

  • People are likely to resist changes
  • Essential to appeal to the existing culture
  • Soft power more valuable than hard power
  • Changes on all employee levels more effective
  • Engage all levels using personalized approaches

Handling Resistance

  • Investigate the different reasons for resistance
  • Attend each problem separately and attentively
  • Appeal to each level of employee personally
  • Ease new system transition for everyone
  • Demonstrate the value of the new system

Pitfalls and their Avoidance

  • Initially slower everyday use due to unfamiliarity
  • Continue practicing the use of the system
  • Misunderstandings of the new system by the employees
  • Company training and patience in using
  • Lack of input from the users
  • Improved communication with the innovation sector

Personal Experience with Automation and New IT Systems

  • Informational eHealth app “Beat Diabetes” for patients
  • Beneficial for beginner patients with diabetes
  • Valuable tools for doctors to educate patients
  • Information on diets, exercise, and general tips
  • Convenient and free to use with connection
  • Helpful as can be taken anywhere

(Lane et al., 2018)


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