Health Information Technology Project Implemented

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Modern medicine has the opportunity to produce artificial hearts, which can be a substitute for the present and save lives. Abiomed is such a company. It has developed a project, cloud-based HIT, in which physicians can access via personal devices and see live data of the patients. Without the combined efforts of stakeholders, doctors, IT departments, and developers, it would be impossible to implement such a system.

Patient care was a key decision in project implementation. The support of physicians was fundamental as they were aware that the available data would influence safety and patient decision-making. IT technology in medicine is advancing rapidly, “gene therapy is expected to make significant inroads in curing cancer and preventing birth defects within the next two decades.” (Laureate Education, 2011, par 3) According to Ball, “the goals of healthcare services are improved quality, efficiency, and outcomes.” (Ball, 2011, p. 8) These discoveries and inventions are made for people: patients, doctors, and staff and contribute to the progress that is characteristic of life.

However, there are many progressive IT innovations in medicine that are capable of revolutionizing the approach to treatment. An example is the 3D Bioprinting Solutions project. The laboratory is engaged in the design of a device with the technology of three-dimensional bioprinting of organs and tissues of the human body (Theus et al., 2020). Looking ahead, bioprinting could be the next milestone in healthcare and personalized medicine.

In conclusion, it can be noted patient safety and the care that would be provided at a higher level as a result of the implementation of the system were key points to bringing the project to life, and the influence of key persons can be assessed as significant. In general, IT technologies provide new opportunities for the treatment of people and even more scientific research in this area.


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