Health Information Technology (IT)

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Health Information Technology (IT) is a term that broadly explains the technology and infrastructure that is used to record, analyze, and share patient’s data. Health IT is meant to improve health care services by ensuring that an individual’s data is accurate and efficient. Health care information, such as health records, is computerized, making the data safe and error-free (National Institute of Standard Technology, 2012). It is involved in the management of the patient’s data. Health IT is an essential aspect in healthcare, which can be analyzed to show its various advantages and how it can be implemented.

Benefits of Health Information Technology

Technology has dramatically impacted healthcare sector by improving the quality of patient healthcare. One of the benefits of health IT is that it promotes higher quality and efficient healthcare to patients. The video shows that the system can protect the patient’s information, sharing of protected health information becomes more manageable (National Institute of Standard Technology, 2012). Maximum health information is achieved to patients who need cross-specialist treatment, and doctors can get more effective and accurate information through the system. The system has led to instant access of medical histories to patients’ details. The video also shows that health IT helps convert the stored data into information to ease health-related decision-making.

Health IT has also proven to promote high-quality and proper healthcare of patients. Doctors can provide error-free treatment using the computerized information with patients’ medical data and the physician’s recommended guidelines. Health IT has also reduced costs and increased the availability and affordability of healthcare information (National Institute of Standard Technology, 2012). Access to information has been made accessible anytime and anywhere, and the patient can communicate with the clinician without meeting physically. Thus, it has limited traveling costs, reduced time wasted queuing, and decreased congestion in hospitals. Communication between patients and healthcare providers is vital as it can create a good patient-doctor relationship. Thus, health IT has improved the communication between patients and healthcare professionals, leading to improved patient outcome in many hospitals. The approach has also led to medication management enhancement since data is computerized. Therefore, these aspects presented in the video reveal that health IT should be encouraged to improve healthcare facilities’ performance.

National Institute of Standards’ (NIST) Contribution to Health IT

The video has also analyzed the importance of NIST in the healthcare sector. The need to advance medical services has resulted in the NIST program collaborating to drive force to improve health IT. The narrator states that NIST applies science to adopt technological advancement in healthcare for quality and affordable medical services (National Institute of Standard Technology, 2012). NIST promotes the security of the physician and patient’s information. It has also led to affordable and accessible healthcare information due to mobile technologies. The institute collaborates with different companies such as academia to improve the security of information on mobile devices (National Institute of Standard Technology, 2012). NIST has enhanced healthcare systems’ usability by improving effectiveness, safety, user satisfaction, and efficiency. It has also led to error-free information since NIST has guaranteed that the health systems are efficient to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel’s. NIST is also focused on the upgrading of healthcare technology by the provision of technical guidance.

To conclude, the video reveals that health IT has improved the health sector due to technology adoption. The approach has led to accurate information, security of data, error-free treatment, and medication management. The collaboration of NIST in the health sector has also impacted the health care sector by improving the technology, ensuring data security, and providing technical guidance. Health IT has led to improved healthcare that enables deliverance of better and affordable healthcare services. The government should ensure that technology is adopted in all healthcare sectors to improve medical services and patient care.


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