“Fed Up” by Couric

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Movie Review

Nowadays, obesity problems bother a number of people around the whole world. Still, the citizens of the United States remain to be one of the most vulnerable groups of people, who cannot even understand how dangerous and harmful their innocent decisions to buy chocolate could actually be. The movie Fed Up, produced by Stephanie Soechtig, is an up-to-date source of information about American obesity, its causes, and outcomes. In this movie, the author introduces sugar as the reason why so many adults and children cannot gain control over their bodies. Huge quantities of sugar that could be found in their food turn out to be the root problem. Obesity problems remain to be urgent for a long period of time because people cannot understand one simple truth their main intention is to keep the money but not keep America healthy (Couric & Soechtig, 2014).

Many young children still believe that fat people were made to be fat (Couric & Soechtig, 2014). They cannot even realize that they are responsible for the health problems they have. Besides, they cannot realize that their parents made them fat because of the inability to explain the threats of sugar and the necessity to follow what food they choose. Some people believe that fitness and diets can save their bodies from obesity. They are ready to spend much time at gyms to cherish the idea that they can lose weight and become healthy. At the same time, they do not pay attention to such small details as the presence of a bottle of Cola-Cola on the table or a desire to visit McDonald’s to buy a fresh burger after a good portion of the training. The use of sugar that is present in the majority of food chosen by people is one of the reasons why the risks of obesity, diabetes, and other health problems are increasing considerably. Children become fatter than their parents because they cannot learn how dangerous their food can be for them. Parents do not want to believe that their care and the desire to meet their children’s needs become the main danger for their children.

At the same time, the author does not find it appropriate to blame parents and children for their inability to understand how harmful their actions to their health can be. There are many politicians and industrial companies that do not want to take responsibility for the services, products, and ideas they offer to people, who trust them. Still, they do not want to develop new less harmful food that could be offered to children. They just could not lose the money that they get from making children sick.

Nursing Role Related to the Public Policy

The role of nurses in the discussions of obesity problems that are offered in the movie remains to be crucial because nurses should understand their duties and responsibilities for people, who are obese. On the one hand, nurses should have sufficient background knowledge to explain to people the causes of obesity and the possible solutions that can be offered. Nurses should stay unbiased in their intentions to help people. On the other hand, obese patients become a real problem for many nurses because they should improve their skincare, control respiratory activities, and focus on drug absorption. Obesity should not be regarded as a personal problem. Nowadays, obesity is a public problem that cannot be solved by one person only. This kind of problem should be discussed nationally to clarify the connection between children’s decision to eat a piece of chocolate, a Nestle manager’s goal to introduce a new product, and the nurse’s responsibility to explain the threats of obesity.


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