Competency-Related Scenario in Nursing

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Competency in nursing includes all the essential capabilities that are needed to satisfy one’s role as a nurse. Ideas on nursing competency are important for developing the qualities of a nurse. The healthcare system has rapidly changed due to the change in the disease structures. With the rapid change patients need proper medical care and that calls for health officers with good competency. Nurses are also required to offer their support to society by taking their professional responsibility. Certified responsibility means constantly offering nonstop care, protection, and supporting the activities of daily living. Situations that require creativity, completion of a job within a specified time, a problem where the cause is not apparent, and where effective management is needed to achieve something all revolve around competency. Nursing ability is branded into seven features which are the ability to comprehend people’s thoughts and problems in general, applying skills, creating personal relationships, ability to offer nursing care, ethical practice, interacting with colleagues, and ability to improve one’s competency.

Case Scenario

In this case, a nurse reported late for work with the excuse of having some family emergency. The nurse did not communicate about her being or tell a colleague to take her place for some time. The patient under her care skipped medication that morning. During the day the nurse was anxious and stressed but she neither reported that she needed help so her work was not up to standard. She received a phone call on the issue that she was handling in the morning that it was getting worse and so she left without any communication or notification. There was a long queue at her office because the patients waited thinking she will be back. The other health officers were neither concerned with the long nor the admitted patients that were under her care.

Steps on How to Embrace Ethical Practices

The most vital in all the steps is respect for human life in general. Nurses should know that patients have different needs and they should respect each patient’s needs. Each patient’s needs should be taken into consideration and they should try their best to make sure the needs are met. The relationship between the patients and the health workers is also vital. Health officers should create relationships by offering high-quality services to all patients without being bias. When planning on the patient treatment factors like religion, culture, family and social support system should also be considered. Before the doctor makes any decisions on any diagnosis they should ask for the patient’s concert first. Regardless of the situation, the patient should be allowed to make decisions on their own without the doctor’s influence and their choices should be respected (Kuruvilla, 2017). Health workers should not judge the patients based on the factors contributing to their nature of health. Patients should be allowed to make decisions after they have been made to understand the procedures that need to be taken.

Nurses should be aware of the patient’s legal rights and morals so that they follow them while offering services. Health workers should enhance conversations to know more about the patient as they prepare for the documents required during the procedures. As the patients are filling the documents the health officers should assist them where they have questions. All the information concerning the patient no matter how heavy it might be should be disclosed to the patient. The health workers should offer help to relieve pain on any patient even if the intervention will hasten the death of a patient. Health workers should also extend their respect to those with who they work. There should be open conversations where they interact freely they help each other when the workload is too much. Doctors should ensure the well-being of their colleagues and support each other because by doing so they will be able to offer high-quality services. Nurses should also follow their code of conduct both professional and organizational so that they can offer good care to patients.

Competency requires health workers to report to work on time but in this case, the nurse came late without any notification that she will be late. There is no open communication between the workers because no colleague cared to ask what was wrong with the health worker even after seeing the shoddy work she was presenting. The manager found a patient unattended but did not make any follow-up on the nurse concerned. There is no competency in the managing sector because of the failed follow-up. Other health workers failing to show concern on the long line in the nurse’s office shows a lack of unity in this hospital. To achieve their goals they are supposed to work together they could have united to help the patients that were waiting for the nurse to come back. The nurse leaving without talking to anyone shows that she trusts no one among her colleagues who can help her. This shows how the institution should sit and reorganize how they work with each other.

Possible Solutions Offered by the Code of Conduct

By knowing the patient dignity the health workers will not have to leave patients unattended and neither will they fail to make follow-up if the patients are admitted. Health workers will not have to do things that may affect the patient’s decisions regarding their method of treatment. When the doctors tell the patients everything concerning their health they will recover quickly because they prepare themselves psychologically for any treatment. Proper management will ensure that every sector is catered for properly to ensure the well-being of patients (Iacobucci, 2018). The code of ethics requires proper communication with the workers, managers, and clients. With communication, the nurse would have been permitted to stay at home so that someone could stand-in for her that day. Patients would not have waited for the nurse if she had said about her leaving and someone could have taken care of them.

Implications of the Decision

It might not be easy for the nurse to open up and talk about the issue so that she can get help. Trying to solve the matter at home in the name of trying to help her might not be easy. Finding a doctor to stand in for her during the off may be a challenge because each doctor has a role to perform each day. Looking for another doctor to stand in for her means overworking the other doctor and that might reduce the quality of work done. Prior communication about being late might also not work because an emergency is always unexpected. So to have a smooth running in the organization let all workers be prepared for any emergency and be ready to help when needed. Finally, the nurse is not to be blamed fully but the colleagues too for not attending to the patients or raising concern to the people in charge.


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