Architecture: Materiality and Space

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Architecture is a form of science and human representation of forms and imagination has paved a way to the modern style and design. Since ancient times people have been very elaborate and creative in building both public and private structures, and the interplay between the building materials and a person has been an important factor. The mere purpose of building changes and the intricate nature of function versus visual comfort appeal compete to engulf people with appreciation.

There are many buildings and each plays a particular role. Those designated for public use have specific characteristics that are unique to the design and purpose. Even though a stone and glass structure might not seem as something major, it is a direct representation of the architect or any other person who had input into the design and designation of a building. For example, a public building, such as a library or a community center, have a specific purpose where functionality is the primary goal, but esthetic eye pleasing features cannot be excluded. A person must enjoy the building and the comfort level differentiates from one building to another. A private house is not a simple structure either. A great majority of people input a lot of effort into making their home to look unique and special. Everyone wants to add something personal and original which distinguishes their house from others. Not only is the exterior important but interior as well. The outside of the house is an extension of the owner and delivers an image of the person who had inputted effort into the way a house looks. The interior has a more personal touch and the details are much greater (Hill, 2006).

The modern world has allowed for a great interplay of materials, and glass and stone make a perfect match. The glass is used to allow sunlight in, highlight specific areas and give people a chance to interact with the outside environment. Large viewing galleries or terraces invite people to enjoy the nature and the surrounding objects. Stone, on the other hand, adds to the authenticity, provides support to the structure and creates a sense of strength and durability in the building. An enormous amount of uses, from columns to walls, sculptures and arches, makes a building stand out and have an individual atmosphere. The technological advancements of the present times allow for eternal combination of materials, giving rise to a whole new epoch in building.


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