“A Pair of Ragged Shoes” Photovoice of Homeless

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Photovoice acts as a valuable tool that integrates images with words to drive a particular message that would bring about desirable change. In so doing the concerned parties get an opportunity to bring the issues that affect them into light thereby influence stakeholders including policymakers, humanitarian organizations, and health agencies among other stakeholders. In this regard, the use of tattered shoes to portray the challenges faced by the homeless individuals in their daily life undertakings would facilitate increasing the awareness about the encounters of the underprivileged and vulnerable populations in society.

A pair of ragged shoes
Figure 1. A pair of ragged shoes

The pair of shoes in poor c condition denotes several aspects of poverty that the homeless comprehend. As such, highlighting the various elements of poverty that associated with tattered shoes would foster the establishment of strategies aimed at improving the well-being of the homeless and impoverished individuals and groups in society. Primarily, shoes help individuals move from one point to another with ease and comfort. Therefore, shoes play a considerable role in assisting individuals to reach their desired destinations. However, tattered should undermine the ease and comfort at which individuals, especially the deprived reach their desired destinations. For this reason, this article purposes to address the issues affecting the homeless and needy in society by using the tattered shoe photo to link it with the situation at the Hope House Mission located in Middletown, Ohio.

The Hope House Mission plays a central role in restoring hope among the homeless families in the Middletown area and its environs. For this reason, the organization seeks donations from well-wishers and other concerned parties with the aim of fulfilling the needs of the underprivileged individuals in society.

The tattered shoes signify the hindrances that bar the disadvantaged populations in society from achieving their goals. As such, the torn shoes derail the communities from reaching their destiny and thus, triggers the need for intervention to improve the well-being of the vulnerable in society. The shoes could cause blisters thus requiring the intervention of health professionals for treatment. However, perceiving the situation figuratively, the issue needs the intervention of various stakeholders including well-wishers, policymakers, and health experts. In doing so, the deprived families would swiftly move towards their desired goals.

Biases, judgments and preconceptions pertaining the homeless population

In most scenarios, people approach the homeless population with subjectivity characterized by myths, biases, prejudices, and preconceptions that further undermine the improvement of their well-being. Notably, most people have associated the homeless persons with criminal activities because they do not have stable sources of livelihood. Further, the homeless have been characterized as a lazy lot that depends on hand-outs for survival. Additionally, the masses associate the homeless with mental illness and thus, socially excludes them in a manner that leads to disempowerment. As a result, the preconceptions, judgments, and biases associated with the homeless affects them psychologically and socially thereby affecting their welfare negatively. Therefore, the need for intervention holds water since the communities require support and empowerment for the improvement of their welfare.

The impact of legal and ethical issues concerning health delivery

Various legal and ethical concerns require consideration when dealing with the homeless populations in different settings including the Hope House Mission. In this light, the ethical and legal aspects of confidentiality, privacy informed consent, and not infringing on their rights necessitate utmost considerations so as to avoid stepping on their toes, in the already tattered shoes. As such, before taking photographs to use for various purposes, one require the consent of the individuals through the organization’s administration so as to secure their privacy and confidentiality. Moreover, respectfully showing the tattered shoes to the homeless shows that people understand their situation and purpose to assist them to tackle their challenges.

The project’s impacts on addressing the social determinants of health

The project has the potential of dealing with the social issue in a manner that improves the health of the homeless population considerably. The photovoice project could attract the attention of humanitarian agencies, the community, and the policymakers who would, in turn, respond to the issue collaboratively/. In this case, by raising awareness, donations in the form of the clothing, food, and sanitation would assist in improving the health aspects of the homeless population considerably besides empowering them socially.

How the Experiences Change My Perceptions Regarding Myself, the Homeless, and Nursing

The project has created several insights that altered my perceptions regarding various issues affecting social health. Importantly, advocating for the improvement of the welfare of disadvantaged populations in society fosters desirable change to a considerable degree. Additionally, the homeless are individuals that require empowerment by addressing various aspects of their life including the status of their health in a way that influences their participation in social issues. Moreover, experiences gained from the project underline the essence of the nursing practitioners’ efforts in addressing the issues that affect the underprivileged populations in the society. Therefore, providing shoes to the homeless and treating the blisters caused by tattered shoes goes a long way in improving the well-being of the needy.

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